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About us

Cohen Drapisz Company Profile

Cohen Drapisz Marketing Communications located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, provides professional strategic marketing and marketing communications services. Cohen Drapisz offers marketing solutions for companies coming from a diverse range of industries such as health, Hi-tech & internet, telecommunications, and consumer products. We work with established brands as well as with startup companies now doing their market entry. Our goal is to enable our clients reach identified target markets outside of Israel, adopt an identity that fits the needs of their consumers, and utilize the appropriate marketing tactics and marketing communications mix in order to achieve best business results.


What We Do

We analyze your advantages and identify opportunities to emerge. We have the experience and capabilities needed to research your market and predict consumer adoption thus helping you getting prepared. We provide you with solutions needed to support your daily activities and ensure marketing presence. We set you up where the leaders in your field present their products, we initiate and execute public media activities and implement your strategy in public appearances, tradeshows, conferences, and in the relevant online hubs. We have built a professional staff to provide you with research and branding services, and partners worldwide to ensure you will receive the best presence wherever you go. We have realized that for Israeli companies to succeed, an out of the box thinking is the only way to outperform among competitors. We have numerous case studies to show you how we helped our customers succeed through innovation.

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הצוות המקצועי ובעל התשוקה העזה לשיווק של כהן דרפיש הממוקמת בתל אביב מסייע לחברות הפועלות בשוק הבינלאומי והמקומי בבניית אסטרטגיה שיווקית ומיתוגית ואסטרטגיה תקשורתית מנצחת ובהמשך ליווי והטמעה של האסטרטגיות ביום יום. מטרתנו לאפשר לסטרטאפים וחברות, לבסס תדמית מותג מובחנת ורבת עוצמה שיכולה לבוא לידי ביטוי במגוון הפעילויות השיווקיות ובתקשורת שיווקית (מרקום).

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