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Marketing Strategy and Identity Development for ActiveCare Online® application

We are proud to be part of the marketing strategy development of ActiveCare Online® followed by the identity development of the new product and the UI and UX of its app.

Further to the implementation of the Obama care program, ActiveCare® identified the opportunity and developed the ActiveCare Online® - a new product based on the existing platform, which expands the scope of treatment in patients after surgery. With its new app ActiveCare Online® perfectly answers the new economic and regulatory requirements of the US healthcare system while enabling on top of its proven DVT prevention capabilities also hospital's monitoring, supervision and management of the postop patient's rehabilitation period at home.

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ActiveCare® saves readmissions and higher costs for American healthcare system and gives a perfect answer to the requirements of the medical insurance system.


Feel free to contact me at if your company wants to hear about a marketing and brand strategy process 

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