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Make your customers remember you!

  1. Select up to 3 most appealing messages 

  2. Use short sentences with supportive visual

  3. Take advantage of your customers' emotional needs


Implementing the above 3 rules in your brand marketing communications will make your customers better remember your messages.

A short while back I came across an interesting article on "Visual Memory" covering recent research findings in Bar-Ilan University.


How to improve short-term visual memory?

Although the research pertained to education, it immediately popped to mind that actually this is the story of my life using the very same rules in our customers’ marketing strategic projects to increase recall among the target audience.


FOCUSING! starts early in the marketing strategy stage and ends with the messages used for ongoing brand exposure and face to face pitches.


As studies proved, upon entering a room, one can capture 3 to 4 items at most. The same goes for marketing communications. Hence in order to have your prospective clients remember what you want to say, communicate only 3 very short and focused messages supported with the right visuals.


Naturally you'll always have more than 3 messages to communicate BUT as the wise old expression "Not see the forest from the trees" goes, it's more effective to keep things minimalistic. My experience taught me that at the end of the day, any product, service or brand have 3 significant advantages at the most. This means you should sit with your strategic team and carefully focus on the 3 most compelling messages that will make your product most attractive. The next step is to tell your customer all about you.


So, that's how "visual memory" will take effect in your messages:

  1. Don't compromise: Use 3 messages max

  2. Write short and catchy sentences

  3. Incorporate supportive visual

  4. Don’t forget the emotional appeal 


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