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What's Cooking?

Simplicity will often lead you to excellent strategic results

This title seems to be a cliché, but some of the best marketing and brand strategies we built were based on simplicity. One can be very proud of a process which created a sophisticated strategy - and it happens. Although it would be very flattering to create such, the strategy will usually be also very complicated, costly and complex to implement and hard to maintain for the long run.


A great strategy must be the eureka of how you look at everything your brand does, the blueprint for a shift in focus going forward.
To create such a good strategy based on simplicity, you should carefully observe and study the ingredients of the organization you are about to work on, analyze its "key strength", and maximize your knowledge and creativity in order to transform these ingredients into a great comprehensive strategy which will make the difference. 

So what do we actually need for such a successful strategy?

  • Having good ingredients.

  • Carefully learning the organization, the market and screen the potential audiences.

  • Making the new strategy goal clear.

  • Knowing the organization's actual and future abilities and resources.

  • Using your passion, knowledge, experience and creativity.

  • Maximizing the tools you work with.

  • Letting go of your ego and don't aim for your national strategy award.

Create a strategy which will reach your target audiences bringing the organization to a successful track. 

I always find this clear linkage between food, cooking and marketing strategy and branding.
Recently, I had my family for dinner. I was ready with the first and main dishes, but not with the dessert.
Screening the ingredients at home I found the below and created this passionable dessert:

  • Few large size Passionflowers

  • Vanilla ice cream with almonds and nougat

  • Crushed caramelized pecans

  • Sweet cream and maple syrup on top

Try it. Enjoy it. mmmmm......


The concept of the dessert (in the picture) was enlightening when I realized that the Passionflowers were larger than usual. So by simply turning the Passionflower itself to the dessert's container, I shifted this tasteful mix of excellent ingredients to create a different, beautiful dessert and most importantly - I got these unbelievable passionate vocal comments from my family (: .

Simple but still different.

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