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When Firefly Migration approached us, it was at a stage where they were in need of a refinement of their marketing strategy, prior to entering a new marketing campaign in a very tough market arena.


Firefly Migration provides the world's first, 100% automated, risk-free Magic to .NET migration solution. With its proven technology, implemented by leading enterprises and software companies, Firefly Migration is the global leader in migrations from Magic to .NET.


Based on our research, we developed a marketing strategy which was followed by re-branding, messaging refinement and a set of Marketing Communications tools. In these visuals you can see the Firefly Migration brand expression, which consists of several components:

The logo incorporates of two colors: blue as main color, symbolizes stability and trust and the orange communicates creativity and dynamism. Therefore, the logo and the brand image including the photographic language and the copy, communicate experienced, dynamic and innovative company and technology.

The firefly character symbolizes the “light” and dynamism. The character was created to communicate the three main properties which present the Firefly Migration solution for Magic users: Smart, Simple and Dynamic.


Follow this link to see the website we've created

Firefly Migration

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