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"The First Technical Conference on Magnetic Pulse Welding and Forming"

Cohen Drapisz was responsible for the organization and execution of the first technical conference on “Magnetic Pulse Welding” to have taken place in this field, in Munich, Germany. The proven success of this activity was measured by a higher than expected number of worldwide participants(customers and non-customers alike), quality leads and overall organization of the conference. 

Background :

In July 2008, one-hundred or so attendees throughout Europe participated in "The First Technical Conference on Industrialized Magnetic Pulse Welding and Forming" in Munich, Germany. This one of a kind conference was hosted and initiated by Pulsar Welding, pioneers in industrialized magnetic pulse welding from Yavneh, Israel.

As Pulsar's Marcom managers, Cohen Drapisz Marketing Communications was responsible for exposing the company to its relevant target market. In order to generate high first exposure in a relatively short time, one of the significant tools used in this process was to organize, promote and execute the conference from start to finish. The high participant attendance and enthusiasm that exceeded all expectations, demonstrated that correct and professional Marcom management can have a crucial role in the success and sales advancements of a company.

Situational Challenge One of the major challenges before the event was the need to expose a first of its kind conference, initiated by a small and relatively unknown company from Israel, to its industry


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