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Our Team :)

Our team have a great passion talking with you about marketing strategy, branding or marketing communications management (Marcom). 

Just contact us.

Eli Drapisz | Founder and CEO

The roots of the Cohen Drapisz Group go back over twenty years to talented marketing professionals who left ECI Telecom to develop their own business.

Eli is a known as a marketing communication expert, with years of experience in branding and strategic marketing. He successfully accompanied numerous Israeli export companies in building, managing and executing their company image, strategic communication, branding and exposure in foreign markets.

Over the years, the Cohen Drapisz Group has worked with many of Israel’s most successful high-tech and consumer companies, helping them to build, sustain and refine their branding efforts.


In his free time Eli enjoys cooking, painting and a good bottle of wine. If he’s out of the office, there’s a good chance you’ll find him at the nearest coffee place down the road. Eli has two amazing daughters who are actually best friends.


Shirah Frohlich-Efraim | Creative Designer

Shirah has 15 years experience in graphical design and is working in CDH for over 8 years.

Previously she worked at Baruch Nae Strategic Design.


Shirah loves to create and enjoys reconstructing old furniture and to find new meaning in objects.

She really loves to eat sushi and has two adorable boys and a little princess.


Sahar Boostenay | Customer Relations and Social Media Manager

Sahar comes with a broad knowledge in life sciences and clinical research.

She holds B.Sc in Medical Life Studies (Tel Aviv Univ.) and she is CRA Certified.


She has a good taste in fashion and irresistible charm.



Michal Wollin | Office Manager

Holding a BA in Social Science, Michal runs our office with grace, accuracy and assertiveness since our company's day one!


Culture and curiosity are Michal's middle names and she always represents the absolute justice. Michal loves to travel and enjoys good vegetarian food.


Gideon Gourell | Production Manager

Gideon has been an essential part of the Cohen Drapisz team since its founding. He oversees all the print production and makes sure that our printed products meet the highest standards.

Gideon holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Design.
Gideon is into photography as a hobby.

His other hobby is cracking jokes at the most unexpected moments.

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למה דווקא הצוות של כהן דרפיש נכון בשבילך לבניית אסטרטגיה שיווקית ומיתוגית?

השילוב בין המקצועיות והניסיון רב שנים המשולבים עם תשוקה אמיתית לשיווק ואסטרטגיה שיווקית יובילו את הסטארטאפ או החברה שלך לבניית אסטרטגיה שיווקית ומותגית מנצחת המותאמת ליכולת ההכלה ולמשאבים הקיימים ספציפית במותג שלך.

מתוך ניסיון אנחנו יודעים שגיבוש אסטרטגיה שיווקית ומיתוגית יוביל אותך לכיוון ברור, יחסוך בעלויות ויסייע בהגברת המכירות והישגים אחרים אליהם אתם חותרים.

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