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MCS - Medical device

Since the early stage of FDA approval (2007) we have accompanied the CEO and worked on a daily basis with the VP of Sales and Marketing to equip the marketing and sales team with all which is needed to reach the core targets.


According to the agreed strategy, the daily marcom work consists brand identity implementation and maintenance (strict process in which all messaging in all channels are kept within the strategy outline).


We are organizing appearances in international medical conferences (we take care of everything from registration through the booth management and the ways to attract attention), PR writing and distribution, Printed / Electronic Marketing Collateral, internal and external presentations and videos (brand introduction, demonstration and testimonials).


We manage both the corporate and the brand website (including the launch of ActiveCare's new website that was devised according to the new branding. Our works include offline and online advertising, social media channels to reach patients, surgeons and hospital admins.


As the VP of Sales and Marketing is busy in achieving the desired results, we think the marcom role should always be active and not only responsive. Therefore, we continually initiate new channels to reach target users, seek to find new ways to promote the brand and suggest new directions worth following.


Follow this link to see the website we've created

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