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In order to provide MCS with an optimized marketing solutions for ActiveCare® line when reaching target users, we have conceptualized a strategic analysis of the market and researched the needs of all target users: 


1. We have identified that ActiveCare®'s main benefit over its competitors is SAFETY. While the medical device is as effective as other treatment used to prevent DVT (lower limb clots) it causes no bleeding complications (and ActiveCare® has excellent clinical studies to prove it).


2. This safety benefit translates into a risk avoidance strategy approach as it is relevant to each of the target groups:ActiveCare® reduces risk that is critical to patients' life, their doctors interest and hospital decision makers  as well.


This strategic concept differentiates the medical device from competitors as so far no device can prove safety (no real clinical evidences). Once the risk reduction strategy was conceptualized and approved by research we have implemented the following: 


1. Created a differentiated definition for the brand that reflects its core value for the users. 

"Safe DVT Prevention"


2. Created straight forward tool box of brand messages using the unique "risk reduction" language.  

2 in 1 stamp icon:


2 in 1 Risk Reduction

DVT Prevention

No Major Bleeding Risk


Primary message:


Solve the DVT/ Major Bleeding Dilemma


3. Provided the brand with a "new look and feel" that reflects safety. This strategy was successfully implemented in all brand appearances including its new website, and all the marketing material used for presenting the brand and its benefits to doctors, patients and hospitals.


Follow this link to see the website we've created

MCS - Medical device

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